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We have been setting up companies since 2005.  With over 17 years of experience, we hope to be able to serve your business needs in Macao SAR.  We provide virtual office and accounting services which satisfy with all regulatory requirements, so you can focus on your business.


For your convenience, the details are outlined to the right, Contact us via the form on this website  to discuss your needs further.  

Types of Entities Under the Commercial Code

  • Individual Entrepreneur (“empresário individual”- E.I);

  • Unlimited Liability Company (“sociedade em nome colectivo” - S.N.C.);

  • Mixed Liability Company by Quotas (“sociedade em comandita” - S.C.);

  • Mixed Liability Company by Shares (“sociedade em comandita por acções” - S.C.A.);

  • Limited Liability Company by an Individual Quota (“sociedade por quota unipessoal” - sociedade unipessoal Lda.);

  • Limited Liability Company by Quotas (“sociedade por quotas” - Lda.); Limited Liability Company by Shares (“sociedade anónima” - S.A.);

  • Foreign Branch; Representative Office.

Company name

There are a range of limitations.  Generally speaking, the chosen name should not:


  •  be identical with already registered company names;

  •  be a common expressions without and adequate translation in the official languages;

  • correspond, wholly or partly, to names of shareholders;

  • be a trademark of legitimate use;

  • result from the merging of words or parts of words which belong to official languages, directly related with the activities exercised, taken from the other elements of the names of the shareholders;

  • aim at facilitating larger penetration of market to which the activities exercised are directed;


Languages and form

The chosen name can be registered in 1) Chinese; 2) Portuguese; 3) or both (in this case an English name may also be added) and should have an identification of commercial entity (Limitada or Lda. In Portuguese, its equivalent in Chinese or in English if both Chinese and Portuguese are used). 



We assist you with the following: 


1. Apply for a company name and scope of business at the Commercial Registry Office and get Certificate of Admissibility of Trade Name. 

2. Prepare Articles of Association and notarize it with registered notary (Chinese version is required) within 60 days after receipt of Certificate of Admissibility of Trade Name; 

3. Company registration at the Commercial Registry Office within 15 days after getting notarized Articles of Association: 


Required documents: 

  • Application Forms;

  • Notarized Certificate of Articles of Association;

  • List of names and addresses of shareholders and of members of the boards;

  • Acceptance of Appointment by the members of the boards;

  • Copy of Certificate of Admissibility of Trade Name;


Company structure 




  • A Macau company is required to have a minimum of one director.

  • Directors are elected by shareholders for an undetermined term if otherwise is required by the Articles of Association.

  • Directors can be non-residents and non-shareholders.

  • Directors can be a corporate, but in this case he should appoint an individual as his representative. However, in practice it is not recommended to appoint a corporate as a director, as the process in the event of any changes involves onerous paperwork.

  • Directors can be removed by shareholders’ decision.

  • Information on directors is disclosed to a local agent, and the Business Registry keeps a public record of their names, addresses and business titles.

  • The Articles of Association can create a board of administration made of at least three members; except if there is a provision of the articles of association to the contrary.

  • The Board meeting can be held anywhere in Macau, as long as the place of meeting is specified in the meeting notice.


Company Secretary 

A company secretary must be nominated for limited liability company by shares, companies with more than 10 shareholders or quota holders, if they issue bonds or if their capital is above the limit defined by Executive Order of the Chief Executive. 


All other companies can also nominate a company secretary if desired. 


A director or an employee of the company can be nominated as a company secretary. 


The Business Registry will keep a public record of the name and address of the company secretary. 




Macau companies may have at least two or maximum 30 shareholders. Shareholders can be individuals and corporates, residents and non-residents. The name, address and shareholding of the company shareholders are disclosed to the local agent and filed on public record at the Business Registry. General Meetings are to be held annually within three months immediately following the end of each accounting period anywhere within Macau SAR as long as place of meeting is specified in the meeting notice. 




Information on beneficiaries are not disclosed. 


Quotas and  Capital 


In Macao limited company's are represented by quotas which are not evidenced by share certificates, but represent a percentage or fixed amount. Minimum paid-up share capital to incorporate a company is 25 000 MOP. It should be paid fully upon registration. The amount exceeding minimum can be paid within 3 years, but this amount should not exceed 50% of company capital. If one of the shareholders does not fulfil obligations on capital payment, the rest shareholders are obliged to pay the rest part in proportion to their quotas in the company. Shares with no par value and bearer shares are not permitted

We have been setting up companies since 2005.  With over 17 years of experience, we hope to be able to serve your business needs in Macao SAR.  For your convenience, the details are outlined to the right, and we assist you every step of the way. 


Virtual Office & Accounting Services


Note that most of our clients opt to utilize our virtual office and accounting services to not just save on costs, but also to ensure their compliance obligations are satisfied.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs

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