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Since 2007 we have been servicing our clients needs from around the world with all aspects of their Commerical IP and Company setup needs in Macao SAR.  We have been entrusted with the IP needs of reputable clients across a plethora of industries including  Wanda, Celltrion,  JD, BYD, Suining , and Sega


Regardless of your size , whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established multinational corporation, we're available and at your service.  

We pride ourselves in providing prompt, efficient, cost effective  and dependable service.  Our clients appreciate our prompt communication.  We look forward to serving your intellectual property and business needs in Macao and the Greater Bay Area of Mainland China.

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Our Services


We cover all aspects of trademarks,  from filings, renewals, assignments and exploitation agreements.  Click here for more information


We can handle invention, utility patents and Patent extension applications.  Click here for further information.

Company Registrations

We can support your company setup needs.  Click here for more detailed information and steps to take

About Macao Victory

Serving the Business Community for over 20 years...

Under the leadership of Ms Amy Wong (Wong Ai Min),  Macao Victory was setup in 2007 to serve the business needs of its local, regional  and global clients.

As the first Macao Resident to be admitted as a lawyer of the PRC, Ms Wong brings the best of the 'one country two systems' to life and continues to take strides to facilitate growth and development in the Greater Bay Area and the governments deployment of the Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between Macao SAR and the PRC. 


Macao Victory can cater to all your IP related needs whether it be trademark registrations, renewals, assignments through to Patents, Designs and Copyrights. In addition, we can also handle opposition proceedings and manage legal appeals.


Our team consists of multi-language speaking personnel proficient in English, Chinese, Cantonese and Portuguese  who can easily facilitate all your Macao IP  requirements. 


Contact us  via  the form below or click here to request more information.

Macao Victory Team at the National China Trademark Festival 2020

Macao Victory was present at the most recent National China Trademark festival.  It has been a challenging year but it was wonderful to meet with our existing associates as well as meeting new ones.  See our blog post for more pics and info.

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Since Macao belongs to China, why should I also register my intellectual property in Macao?

Under the 'One country , two systems" policy,  Macao SAR is legally considered a separate jurisdiction for certain purposes, including for the protection of intellectual property rights.  Macao acts as a bridge for foreign companies in the region and those who engage with the Mainland China market.  As such, it is both a hub and bridge for many international brands around the world.  Whilst marks can be used without registering,  those who wish to protect their brand or service in this region and globally are encouraged to register their brands as soon as possible as it is difficult if  not impossible to defend an infringed mark in Macao without prior registration.

How long does it take to register a brand in Macao?

Assuming there are no oppositions or issues raised by the examiners, most marks can be registered within 8 months of submitting an application.

What are the advantages of registering my brand in Macao?

Registering your mark in Macao gives you several legal and commercial advantages.  Among other things, it gives you a legal basis to launch an action and against any infringing marks being used in Macao.  In addition, having your brand registered in Macao may give your brand marketing advantages in being affiliated with the region its future development in the Greater Bay Area.  As this region is poised to grow and interconnect even more closely with over 100million residents of nearby Guangdong Province cities, we highly suggest having an overall strategy in this region and consider Macao as one of your essential places of filing as a platform to this market and beyond.

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